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Terms and Conditions 

Acceptance Condition

The use of the website www.fundatiamedpark.md implies the full acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below. The terms and conditions may be changed at any time by the site administrator without prior notice to those who use it.
The Information about the website
The website www.fundatiamedpark.md is the property of Medpark Foundation, 24 Andrei Doga street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD 2024

24 Andrei Doga street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD 2024 
Phone: (+373) 788 10 936 
Email: fundatia@medpark.md

The “Donate” Service 
The "Donate Online" Service on the website www.fundatiamedpark.md (hereinafter the "Donate" service) is created as a mechanism for transmitting and collecting funds using the available payment instruments according to the legislation.
The beneficiary of the Donations is the “Medpark” Foundation.

Users of the "Donate" service are all Donors who make Donation to the Beneficiary.
Users of "Donate" service can be both individuals and legal entities.

"Donate" offers users the opportunity to make payments to the Medpark Foundation legally and at no additional charge.
The site does not provide other online services and does not charge for certain services.

Accepting terms and conditions

The Donation through the "Donate" service is treated as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
In the event of Donation through the "Donate" service, the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is done by ticking the Donate agreement.

Access the service
The "Donate" service can only be accessed online.
In the case of selecting online Donation, Donor will access "www.fundatiamedpark.md", accessing the "Donate" section in the menu.

To access "www.fundatiamedpark.md", we recommend using the latest version of the most popular browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox). The site can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices (with MacOS and iOS, Android, Windows, * nix) operating systems.

Donate Online Conditions
Donation via the "Donate Online" service can only be done through valid debit/credit cards from Visa International Limited (VISA), MasterCard Inc (MasterCard).

Transactions in MDL can be performed only from cards issued in the Republic of Moldova, and in foreign currency - only from foreign cards.

The donation method with VISA or Master Card debit/credit card

The "Donate" service accepts debit/credit cards processing from Visa International Limited, MasterCard Inc.
The donor agrees that the details of the debit/credit card provided by him/her must be correct and accurate and that he/she will does not use the debit/credit card that is not legally owned or is not authorized for use by its legal owner.

The donor also agrees and undertakes to provide accurate and valid details about the debit/credit card.
The donor guarantees, agrees and confirms when initiating an online donation transaction and provides the details of the card.
The donor is responsible for ensuring that sufficient credit is available on the account of the nominee card at the time of Donation to enable the Donation transaction to be completed.

Method donation by credit card involves redirecting secure channels to the ACQUIRING banks' portals and does not store sensitive data (such as open card data). In the "Donate" service, only depersonalized card information is stored (masking card number - last 4 digits: **** **** **** XXXX).

If an error occurs while processing the bank card transaction, the following causes and solutions apply, as follows:
-A temporary error occurred while processing the Donation due to the connection between the "Donate Online" service and the Bank Processing Card Transactions. Beware! In this case, the amount of this transaction could be withdrawn from your card. To resolve the issue, please contact the Customer Support Service;
-The card is not enabled for secure online transactions (for example 3D Secure). In this case, the amount of this transaction has not been withdrawn from the card. To resolve the issue, please contact your card issuing bank to make sure it is active for such operations, try setting the 3D Secure password for the card you use on Online Donation, or attempting to complete the Donate with another active card;
-The authorization data entered by you is invalid or incomplete. In this case, the amount of this transaction has not been withdrawn from your card. To resolve the issue, please enter valid and complete authorization data;
-Your card does not have enough financial resources to pay for the transaction. In this case, the amount of this transaction has not been withdrawn from your card. To resolve the issue, please provide the necessary amount for your card account and repeat the Donation operation or try to complete the Donation with another card that has sufficient financial resources.

After entering the data on the "Donate" service page, you will be redirected to the bank's authentication page. After successful authentication, you will be redirected to the authentication confirmation bank page. WARNING! Do not close your browser or page.  At this step, the donation is not yet transferred to Beneficiary's account. You need to press the "Type to continue" button to complete the transaction. As a result, you will be redirected to the "www.fundatiamedpark.md" site, which will initiate the transaction completion process. As a confirmation of completion, you will receive an email with the information about this transaction.

The donation transfer

It is the exclusive responsibility of the donor to ensure that it has sufficient funds for the donation.
The donation transferred is confirmed by the "Donate" service by e-mail (the electronic document called "Donation Confirmation"). This document is not legally valid and cannot be submitted on request to confirm the fact and other details of donation.

The Debiting and Transferring Donations

The debiting and transferring donations means moving financial sources from the donor's account to the beneficiary's account.
The debiting and transferring of payments at destination is daily performed according to the Banking Clearing Order of the Automated Interbank Payment System (hereinafter referred to as AIPS) from NBM, as follows:
-The donations processed from 24:00 to 18:00 are debited and transferred to the receiving accounts on the same day in the clearing at 18:30 (starts at 18:00);
-The donations processed from 18:01 to 23:59 are debited and transferred to the receiving accounts on the second day of the clearing at 2:30 pm (starts at 10:00).

In the case of holidays and non-working days of AIPS, the payments are debited and transferred on the next working days.
In case the donation destination banking information (of the Beneficiary of the donations) is incorrect, the donation will be restituted to the donor’s account from which it has been transferred. The debit of the donation will be reinitiated after the correction of the banking information, therefore, the terms indicated will not be applied.

The rights and obligations of Donor

By using the "Donate" service, the donator agrees not to upload, post, email or any malicious material containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or restrict the functionality of any software or hardware or telecommunication equipment associated with the www.fundatiamedpark.md site.

The donor also agrees not to interfere with servers or networks related to www.fundatiamedpark.md or to violate any procedure, policy or regulation of networks related to www.fundatiamedpark.md, including not: 
- claims to be another person while using the "Donate" service;
- uses the "Donate" service for illegal purposes;
- resells or exports donation / payment services associated with the "Donate" service.
To use the "Donate Online" service, the donor may be required to provide certain information such as amounts, payer information, identification, contact details, etc. as part of the payment processing process. In case of the necessity to enter data necessary for the payment processing, the responsibility for the correctness of the information entered (etc.) belongs entirely to the donor.

The costs of using the service

At present, Medpark Foundation provides donors with the "Donate Online" service for free.

The Return / Cancellation Policy

The donation is irrevocable and irreversible. However, the Civil Code provides the case when you can recover your donation.

The availability of the service

The "Donate Online" service is available 7 days a week with a continuous program. The guaranteed period for the agreed availability of services is 24 hours per day. This time does not include maintenance work that will normally be performed after working hours, except for emergencies or other unpredictable causes.

If the "Donate Online" service is not available at the time of access for the reasons outlined above, Medpark Foundation recommends that users try to donate later after troubleshooting of unavailable.
If the "Donate Online" service is unavailable, please contact fundatia@medpark.md 

The Waiver of Liability and the Limitation of Liability

By using the "Donate Online" service, the donor understands and agrees that all the resources that Medpark Foundation provides are "as is" and "as is available". This means that Medpark Foundation does not guarantee that:
- The using of "Donate Online" resources will meet all your needs or requirements; 
- The using of "Donate Online" resources will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free.

The Medpark Foundation does not accept liability for damages, losses, costs (including legal costs), indirect expense, loss or damage of any kind that may be suffered or incurred by the payer from using the "Donate Online" service.
Any petition, complaint, dispute on the donation will be sent to fundatia@medpark.md.

The Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Moldova.
In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions (including a dispute or disagreement as to the validity of the Terms and Conditions), such disputes or disagreements shall be brought and settled in the courts of the Republic Moldova.

Support and assistance

For assistance with "Donate Online" service, or lodging petitions, complaints, complaints, please contact fundatia@medpark.md.
In the case of emails sent, the Medpark Foundation team will make every effort to provide answers within a maximum of 7 business days.


The "Donate Online" service does not transmit personal data to third parties, including for marketing purposes or revenue generation from the use of personal data.