Care for our colleagues

Since the beginning of the epidemiological situation, Medpark International Hospital has been constantly looking for ways to protect its patients and staff, but also to help reduce the social impact of the COVID-19. At this stage, Medpark team identified the need to get involved in supporting medical colleagues who suffered from the new coronavirus infection, launching the first project of the Medpark Foundation - "Care for our colleagues".

The program provides free medical care for all employees of the national health system who are recovering from COVID-19 infection: doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and all support staff. Because the effects of the new coronavirus are long-lasting, and the infection in moderate and severe forms can leave sequelae on certain organs (lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, etc.), after treating these patients need special attention. In order to assess their health condition, detect possible consequences and treat them in time, the Medpark Foundation will provide them the necessary medical services, fully covering their cost.

The services provided under the "Care for our colleagues" program include all the assessments and investigations necessary to assess the state of health following COVID-19 infection, to detect possible consequences and to correct them. These include:

  • therapeutic evaluation,
  • assessment of the functional condition of the lungs and imaging by CT (computed tomography),
  • cardiological examination by specific investigations,
  • assessment of liver and kidney function by laboratory tests,
  • psychological counseling, if necessary.

Depending on the results of the evaluation, will be made recommendations for the treatment of affected functions and repeated evaluations, ensuring the continuous monitoring process.

All services are provided free of charge at the Medpark International Hospital, and their cost is fully covered by donation to the Medpark Foundation. If you are an employee of a medical institution and you have been hospitalized for the treatment of COVID-19 infection, and you are now in the convalescent phase, contact us at tel. 0788 10 936 (available Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00) to find out how you can benefit from the "Care for our colleagues" program of the Medpark Foundation.